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German secret service BND helped NATO allies with strategic information to capture Gaddafi in Sirte.

BND President Ernst Uhrlau

The Libyan dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi was located thanks to the help of the German secret service BND (German Federal Intelligence Service), who knew his whereabouts for weeks, according to a report published yesterday by german weekly “Der Spiegel”.

Der Spiegel adds that the BND knew the exact location by Gaddafi in Sirte thanks to the “dense” network of informants the BND has in the region.

The weekly said that German intelligence did not provide the exact coordinates of Gaddafi’s whereabouts to the Allies (presumably to the CIA) , but that the data provided by BND were sufficient to accurately locate him. That was the reason why the NATO air fighter F16s were at the right place and at the right moment to cut Gaddafy´s escape from Sirte.  Gaddafi planned to escape to Niger.  Once having the BND information it was relatively easy for  NATO air strikers to stop and bomb Gaddafi´s motorcade and therefore cuts his escape. Then NATO command allegedly informed anti Gaddafi lybian forces where to locate and capture Gaddafi. At that moment Gaddafi was wounded but alive. He was on the run, and tried to hide when he noticed the presence of the libyan brigade warriors. Once captured, and after a short trip in the back of a pickup truck, he was taken into a building and  was allegedly shot in the head (temporal) and executed.

Gaddafi with a bullet in the head (temporal)

The lybian warriors and its allies – allegedly – did not want to have another trial like the one of Sadam Hussein in Irak.

Wehrmach Major General Reinhard Gehlen, expert in soviet issues and founder of the BND.

About the german BND.

The predecessor of the BND is the German eastern military intelligence agency during World War II, the FHO Abteilung led by Wehrmacht Major General Reinhard Gehlen. Working now for the United States the FHO main purpose was to collect information on the Red Army. In 1946 Gehlen set up an intelligence agency informally known as the Gehlen Organization or simply “The Org”.  The organization worked almost exclusively for the OSS, and after with the CIA, which contributed with funding, equipment, cars, gasoline and other materials. On 1 April 1956 the Bundesnachrichtendienst BND was created from the Gehlen Organization, and having Gehlen as its President, and transferred to the West German government. Reinhard Gehlen became President of the BND and remained its head until 1968, when he was removed from the position.
The german secret service BND has a good expertise and know how on Middle East affairs.

One high point of BND intelligence work was perhaps its early June 1967 forecast – almost to the hour – of the outbreak of the Six day Warin the Middle East, started by Israel.

In 1986, the BND deciphered the report of the Libyan Embassy in East Berlin (then under soviet rule) regarding the “successful” implementation of the 1986 West Berlin “La Belle” discotheque bombing, causing the death of  killing three people (Nermin Hannay, a Turkishwoman, the U.S. Sergeant Kenneth T. Ford and  U.S. Sergeant  James E. Goinsand) injuring around 230 people, including 79 U.S. servicemen.

In 2003, the BND  supplied information to American forces to facilitate the invasion of Iraq.  The BND claimed that it only supplied information on so-called non-targets, targets which must not be attacked.

Following the 2006 Lebanon War. the BND mediated secret negotiations between Israel and Hezbollah, eventually leading up to the 2008 Israel-Hezbollah prisoner swap.