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COP21 World Climate Conference in Paris next December and Global Security.

Article written by Director Owner Alejandro Ronard Alem

Article written by ESN Associate Director Owner Alejandro Ronard Alem

 by Alejandro Ronard Alem.- All preparatory meetings of the COP21 (World Climate Conference in Paris next December) are national and international in which professionals, employers, scientists, intellectuals and religious, non-governmental organizations for the Defense  of the Planet, political and official representatives of countries; all are aware of the challenge to reach the 2 degree Celsius increase in global temperature.

In regard to COP21, the recent message of Pope Frances and statement of President Obama certainly have provided a major boost to the French president.

Francois Hollande launched last Thursday September 10 the campaign for “the COP21 Forward” (# GoCOP21).
The COP21 is the Paris Conference to be held in the Exhibition Centre of Le Bourget, place near to neiighbor Charles de Gaulle Airport. And Paris shows in this mobilization, for a conference to be held in less than three months and with the participation of 195 countries, their example and determination.
But F. Hollande warns “about risks of failure if this time there is no firm commitment on funding arrangements”, in other words one of the objectives of France is to get developed states to compromise to disburse 100 billion dollars in 2020, in order to allowe developing countries to fight against large climate changes.
The other concern is that the French president to date has received only about sixty contributions, when all participants have been called to present a balance of national efforts.  And in this sense the last meeting in Bonn, did nos show satisfactory results among U.N. negotiators. The next meeting will be in October.
In addition to the future of planet Earth in this meeting will define the chances of french President F. Hollande to be reelected.
And this Conference will be held between the two rounds of the upcoming regional elections in France, but the government warned that the stipulated date was chosen regardless of their will.  And on concerns about security measures that surround the event, the Interior Minister affirm that all measures will be taken to ensure maximum security.  This will be subject of a future analysis.

The Paris Conference (cop21) desires and reality.

A few days ago the Foreign Minister -in a press conference in France- told us “confidentially”  the dteails about how France was finally chosen to organize the next global Climate Conference, the cop21.    While there is no mystery there was no country assuming the organization of this meeting, when Laurent Fabius presented this project to F. Hollande, the French President asked about why there were so many hesitations to organize cop21 ?.

Fabius’s answer was clear “no government wants to be exposed to the political consequences of another failure.”
This happens in an international situation like the one we live in, especially when the previous conference in Copenhagen did not produce the results and it was a failure. The largest emitters of greenhouse gases are not willing to sign an agreement and call for more time. A time that the planet
do not have. The risks of failure are important and the organization of COP21 is huge job. “Hollande’s response was swift,” France must show its determination to deal with this global challenge, and in particular our government whatever the obstacles are. Let us put
all our energies and intelligence in this project and present our candidacy. ”

The rest of the story is that France was the only candidate, when colleagues of L. Fabius at the UN came to congratulate him smiling almost all wishing him for this conference good luck.

The French strategy to achieve an acceptable outcome for all 195 countries participating in the Paris Conference (21 Convention United Nations Framework on Climate Change) is based on a comprehensive preparation, dynamic and evolving, where official agents (Governments, International Organisations) in exchange with the scientific community, with  financial institutions, with the cultural and religious world will try to raise awareness and public pressure.

To organize this Conference, President Holland launched a task force with the entire
French diplomacy led by L. Fabius, with his special delegate Nicolas Hulot and his minister Segolene Royal.

Madame Royal is a great figure in French politics who in particularly has led the process of approval of the “Law of transition energy “. This law puts France in the leadership of the movement toward developing countries, toward creation of jobs related to green economies and  reduction of greenhouse gases.    But any agreement must also be carried out in stages so that it does not happen what it did happen in Copenhagen, that is today the French are proposing this Conference of  Paris as the first stage of an agreement (around the goal of  2 degrees C in climate warming) and  through later encounters to achieve how to measure and enforce the agreement.

Nicolas Hulot- important piece in this process-  has been raising the pragmatic need to create global awareness supported by NGOs working in defense of the environment, both scientific and cultural and religious. Hulot in every opportunity remarks, “this works if we are all convinced of the need to change behavioral habits and if each citizen pressure on his government for a change of both energy policy and environmental protection .”

And although there are only about 90 days for the Conference, the road is still populated with obstacles.

Thst is why the next meeting of Finance Ministers in Lima – to be held in October- is so important. Perú is the second President of the Conference of Paris).  The next meeting in Peru will be attended by  finance ministers and financial institutions,  to assess the economic impact of the measures that agreements signed in Paris will have on individual countries. What should be the financial support for the most affected by global warming, specially the under developed countries. Finally the Meeting in Peru will be talking about fines for breach of the agreed objectives.

It is evident and they have been highlighted by the French government; that  recent statements and commitment made by U.S. President Obama regarding this issue, provides substantial support to the smooth running of the Conference.

But we do a review of the most important facts to date about the organization of the Paris Conference:

1) The influence of  human activity in the climate system is getting clearer and has
reached a truly disturbing phase.

2) the stock of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accumulated in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution
comes mainly from developed countries. But GHG emissions are increasingly produced by emerging countries. The latter
produce 58% of the world total. China in first place with 28% of emissions , while USA´s CO2 exceeds 18%, but the difference in per capita emissions are still more important.

3) climate changes will aggravate if we do not act quickly, in order to stay on the bar 2 ° C of global warming.

4) experts do not rule out the possibility of global warming ranging between 3.7 ° C and 4.8 ° C in 2100.

4) and if oceans continue to be overheated and acidified , extreme weather events will multiply. Also there are new infectious diseases being studied.

5) the impacts of climate change on a planet populated by 9 billion inhabitants in 2050 can be catastrophic in agriculture and food terms, and therefore a factor of increasingly deadly conflict on our planet.

6) the successes achieved so far (although insufficient) in the fight against global poverty can be quickly canceled.

7) the prospects are disturbing and life of present and future generations is at stake if we do not try to bring order and question the modes of production and consumption incompatible with the limited resources of the planet, besides posing a fairer distribution of wealth.

Copenhagen to Paris: The difficult march towards regulation of the climate crisis.

Nicholas Hulot and GSS Director Owner of EurtopeSecurityNews.com Mr. Alejandro Ronard Alem

Nicholas Hulot and ESN Associate Director Owner of EuropeSecurityNews.com Mr. Alejandro Ronard Alem

To achieve a comprehensive, fair and ambitious agreement, the French president F. Hollande wants his Delegate Nicolas Hulot to play a particular role  in order to protect the planet.      Hulot  is well known as advocate of protecting the planet, and he wants to encourage people, organizations and citizens to react and change behavior before it is too late.

He has spared no effort in this colossal task of co organizing the Climate Conference, organizing multiplies meetings, summits and reports.
We interviewed him, and he answered some of our questions on strategies for the Climate Agreement. Mr. Hulot believe the  Agreement should
carried out in stages from a common denominator, to measures more drastic and punitive to future agencies.

Nicolas Hulot says, “we want not only to talk about the diagnosis of this planet climate disaster, but to emphasize mainly on solutions. Encouraging
and enhancing local initiatives with positive impact on climate. Our campaigns tend to show that we must not despair, that there
are technological, economic and energy models that could afford to stabilize climatic changes and also be a mean of ending the crisis.

The outcome of this Conference can have a major impact on employment, and here France is trying to  up ground in the economic transformation of our future with the new Law that Parliament recently approved and to which the Minister S. Royal has defended masterfully -by order of President Hollande-. I refer to the “Law for transformation energy “.   In many domains we can do differently, and true change will come with citizens.
One of the campaigns we have launched in our Foundation (Nicolas Hulot Foundation) is called
My Positive Impact,and  is oriented in this direction.
We presented 100 solutions to the climate in mypositiveimpact.org. The public is invited to vote for the initiatives that want to support. The aim of this campaign is give visibility to projects and initiatives that develop the climate. The ten most voted solutions by Internet may benefit from exclusive communication campaign.

On climate challenges is Europe and in particular France and Germany that shows a certain drive, but we must go further if we want the 195 countries to agree, during the Conference. If Paris is a failure, we will be responsible for the future death of thousands of people each year due to climate change. But I trust, mankind in the same way that make mistakes, can also repair them. And I have confidence.  In December we are going
to ask the world to renounce to exploit 80% of fossil fuels. This effort obviously will not be spontaneous because not all share this vision. ”

Other initiatives related to COP21.-

Other initiatives have been undertaken in the course of these months in Paris -and internationally- to achieve the best conditions to the fulfillment of the objectives of the cop21. For example, “The Planetary Citizen Debate on Climate and Energy” which consisted of a day, 97 debates, 97 countries, with 10,000 citizens questioned. Ten thousand citizens representative of their countries demographic diversity, participated in the debate (World Wide Views on Climate and Energy). The results are freely accessible online after the day of debate and the project falls within the framework of Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Also a Informal Ministerial meeting on 20 and 21 July 2015 with the ministers of Ecology and Sustainable Development from 40 countries, divided into two groups chaired by Frenchman Laurent Fabius and Jorge Voto-Bernales of Peru (Peruvian Special Representative for Climate Change).
This meeting established the state of the discussion and approach in the various aspects towards an agreement in December, leaving the possibility of adjusting the differences and go provide a clearer reading for the meeting next October in Lima, Peru.    We recall that Peru was the country that chaired the previous COP20 and is therefore co-organizers of the cop21, the next meeting of Lima closed the financial chapter of
the next agreement, and give clues of possible control agencies and penalties if non-fulfillment of the agreement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in  the conference, via video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the conference, via video.

The meeting certainly marked our spirits was The Summit of Conscience for the Climate. The Summit gather leading spiritual and religious Authorities from around the world in Paris to answer the question: “The climate, why do I care?” (Www.whyicare.org).
This Summit brought together the most diverse personalities at the headquarters of SERC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France) were the most prominent participated like f.e. Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the United Nations), Michael Higgins (President of Ireland) Prince Albert II of Monaco, Irina Bokova (Director General of UNESCO), Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, Cardinal Turkson, Davis Rabbi Rosen, Dr. Abdou Filali-Ansary (Aga Khan University), Nandita Krishna of India, Alina Saba of Nepal. And of course the french personalities
beginning with President F. Hollande (through a video message) and with the active participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger,  and Nicolas Hulot (Founding Chair of R20 www.regions20.org).
Special moment: Two stories from the Amazon with the participation of the Sarayaku community in the person of Patricia Gualinga , with Felix Santi (President of Sarayaku Community)  Ecuador Guarani-Kaiowwa Peuple with Valdice Veron and Nathanael Vilharva Caceres, Brazil.

With Equator´s Melva Patricia Gualingua.-

We also were with Melva Patricia Gualingua (Sarayaku People of Equateur) who tells us: “The Kawsak Sacha is a habitat for all the creatures of the forest, from the largest, the supreme. It includes plants and wildlife, mineral and cosmos. It is a transcendental space Aimed at revitalizing emotional, psychological, physical and SPIRITITUAL elements, to renew the energy, the life and the balance if the original the peoples. ”
We come to international forums like this to promote our vision of life, we need to save and protect the Amazon rainforest because from it depends the very life of our people, my people.  And the future of humanity is also at stake , like declared by cientists- but before that also said by our shamans and founding fathers.
I recommend the new generation change lifestyle to make contact with nature. Well, but the president of Ecuador has raised the need for progress
in the economy with a controlled development of its oil, and therefore the need to drill in Amazon areas. The response of Ms. Gualingua was blunt “President Correa must understand that another model of development is possible. A model based on the promotion of alternative energy, also called limpias.   To persist in the exploitation of hydrocarbons, and breaking the Amazonian deforested balance is criminal and contributes to the destruction of my people.

With Leila Shahid.-

Director Owner of EuropeSecurityNews.com with Palestinian Rep. Mrs. Shaila Shahid.

Associate Director Owner of EuropeSecurityNews.com Mr. Alejandro Ronard Alem with Palestinian Rep. Mrs. Shaila Shahid.

Other political figures present at this event and with which we crossed some words was Leila Shahid , former representative of Palestine in the European Union. The history of this Palestinian leader back to the beginning of the Palestinian national movement and the figure of his grandfather Faidi-al Alami, Mayor of Jerusalem from 1906 to 1909.
In 1968, while conducting university studies of anthropology , she joins  Yasser Arafat´s PLO. From 1989, she occupies the PLO representation in several European countries, and in November 2005 she was appointed General Delegate of Palestine in the EU, until March of this year 2015.
Mrs.  Shahid tells us she henceforth must engage in cultural activities made by the Palestinian diaspora.
LS:. “I have been working 48 years for my country, 25 as diplomatic, and I always thinked that to deal with Israel it´s necessary not to play with the same weapons, as Israel has the power to crush us and nobody does anything to protect us, neither the EU nor the US nor the same Arabian countries.

The Jewish left was the origin of the Oslo accords with Rabin and Peres, and this accords are increasingly
more insignificant. No more negotiations, Abbas has negotiated with 8 Israeli prime ministers since 1993, with no results and even John Kerry himself is frustrated with the intransigence of Benjamin Natanyhau.
Palestinian internal divisions are also causes of this failure; between a secular and other Islamic “. As for the succession of Abbas, Leila Shahid says” for quite a while I think the solution is not Mohammed Daham,  as supported by Saudi Arabia in 2007, when you are fighting between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza instead of defending his companions he fled to Egypt and people will not forgive that. ”
No doubt the urgency of Palestine are more important than climate change, says LS, well one of the key issues is our people’s sovereignty over its territory and control of natural resources its soil, water is one of them.” “Climate changes affect everyday life
Palestinians, exacerbating the situation of occupation . And it is important to know that choosing development model for future generations are educated on respect of the nature. The Palestinians have to be aware of this problem and change our behavior individually, this is a mission to which I am for some time been dedicated within our country and with our diaspora, also the need to encourage
all initiatives along these lines. For it is clear that there will come a day when Palestine will be totally free.